5 Best Sustainable Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

5 Best Sustainable Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

It’s that time of the year again. Shopping centres are utter chaos and every second day seems to be booked up with some kind of social or work event. You know it, silly season is in full swing.

Kris Kringle gifts are often an afterthought, after going through the seemingly endless Christmas list for your Mum, the other half, your siblings and your neighbours dog. As tempting as it is to get something random from a large department store, chances are this gift won’t be sustainable or memorable.

Almost one in twelve people admitted throwing away a Secret Santa gift they didn’t like. Don’t add to that statistic.

Secret Santa gifts are the perfect time to give someone a sustainable, thoughtful and useful gift.

Here are five sustainable Secret Santa gift ideas:

1. Hemp Hat - Wide Brim

It's true what they say, you can't beat a classic. The Spicysols Beige Hemp Hat - Wide Brim ticks all the boxes. Lightweight, breathable and oh so versatile, it's no wonder this is our bestselling hat yet. 

Sustainable summer hat Australia

2. Hemp Hat - Green/Blue/Purple Stripe

The Hemp Hat - Green/Blue/Purple Stripe features a 6 cm wire brim for easy adjusting and packing. All Spicysols hats pack flat, making them the ultimate summer staple, made for that spicy Australian sun.

Handwoven sustainable summer hat

3. Hemp Drink Bottle Holder

Ideal for use at festivals, the beach, and summer walks, our budget friendly Water Bottle Holder - Beige is a crowd pleaser. Crocheted with a blend of Himalayan grown hemp and cotton, you can't go wrong at $10. 

Crochet water bottle holder festival

4. Sustainable Hemp Bum Bag

Spicysols sustainable bum bags are made with pure hemp, grown wild in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Ethically made by talented local artisans in the Kathmandu Valley, the Hemp Bum Bag available in beige, black or moss green is the ideal summer accessory.  Features three pockets for easy storage for all your bits and bobs. 

Sustainable bum bag made in Kathmandu Valley

5. Hemp Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are back baby. Our breathable and comfortable Hemp Bucket Hat is the ideal gift for a Kris Kringle gift under $30. 

Sustainable Christmas gift idea
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